We Bring All Your Ideas to Life

At FutureHax we have a special passion for all things Android. As early adopters of the platform back in 2010 with ROM development, we know Android inside and out, in all of its various iterations over the years. We have worked with Google Glass, were some of the first to build products for Android Auto, and received and developed apps for Android Wear the first year it was released at Google IO.

Android has always been a platform where the limits were your imagination, not the OS. Being given that free reign to do anything you could imagine was what originally our founder Ken to development, and what still drives us to this day. H even has an NFC implant from years ago when NFC was first introduced to the Android ecosystem, as well as a Google Android tattoo.

For many projects, cross platform compatibility is a must. This is even more true on mobile. At FutureHax we see the need for a product to be accessible on all platforms, and have expended to the various Apple platforms of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, as well as developing for the Apple MDM Platform.

Through community Meetups and presentations, to WWDC, our developers are on the forefront of the Apple development world, using cutting edge software like SwiftUI and Catalyst to ensure the best experience across the myriad devices available through their ecosystem.

With the prevalence of internet enabled devices in the world today, having a website for your project is a no brainer. Whether a static landing page, or a dynamic, responsive page with a rich media experience, we can build them all.

Building the page is only a piece of the puzzle though. Monitoring, updating, testing, and deployment all take a significant amount of time and experience to be done properly and securely. Our team has what it takes to get your website available to the largest amount of people, with the fewest amount of issues, in the most secure fashion available.

Our team has been working closely with Estimote the past few years for prototyping. Their products allow for easy BLE integration, and their latest device comes equipped with a SIM and a native JavaScript engine allowing us to do some really amazing things.

Outside of Estimote, we have worked on the Intel Edison platform, Arduino, the PunchThrough Light Blue Bean, as well as working with a plethora of internet connected platforms like Hue and Google assistant to bring control to custom built hardware solutions designed by clients.

We love pushing the boundaries of what is out there, and some times that requires something new. We want to be there wherever that next new thing is being built.

As a small company with many clients and projects, Developer Ops and automation tools areĀ incredibly important to us. From our fully integrated CI and deployment systems, to hosting and managing our custom built in house tools, we have deep experience with Linux server management and networking.

We regularly work with virtualization tools like Docker and LXC/KVM containers, as well as working with cloud providers such as AWS. Whether its the initial setup and configuration of a new cloud service, or maintenance on something already deployed, we can help.

When its simply not possible to hire us as a company for your project, we can still help!

We have an incredibly deep pool of talent to pull from due to our extensive history in both the open source and local communities. If you are looking for someone to handle a task, we are certainly able to find you a proper fit, whether it be someone from our core team, one of the developers we keep around for special tasks, or someone from the community. With such varied experience from our team, you can be sure than anyone sent your way have been fully by some of the best available.

Staffing services, we can help you too! FutureHax is a licensed S Corp and we work with multiple global staffing agencies to help place remote developers. Let us know if we can help you too!