FutureHax Development

As a highschool sophomore in 2010, our founder Ken received his first Android device. The device was quickly rooted, and a whole new world of development was opened up.

FutureHax originally began as T3hh4xx0r, focused on the development of the OMGB and OMFGB open source Android ROMs. We eventually ended up supporting well over 20 devices with a fully AOSP and a custom version of android we shipped as OMFGB.

After graduation, Ken moved to Florida with Azrinoch of XDA Developers and began his professional development career. Within a few years, it became obvious that there were more interesting opportunities available than what was to be found locally, and thus FutureHax was began in its current form.

We have since grown, expanding our operations from just Android, and then to beyond mobile. These days we look forward to the opportunity to work on projects pushing the boundaries of what is thought possible.

Allow us to push the boundaries of what is thought possible!

Meet Your New Team.

Ken Kyger
Ken KygerFounder/CEO
These days Ken is a bit of a jack of all trades. You can sometimes catch him updating our infrastructure, maintaining and upgrading our deployment pipelines, or even hunting down potential candidates for open job listings.
Brandon McAnsh
Brandon McAnshVP of Engineering
Brandon is an expert Android engineer, and handles much of the software development on our Kotlin/Java and AOSP based projects.
Richard Zarth
Richard ZarthHead of iOS Development
Richard is our resident Apple expert. SwiftUI, WatchOS, you name it, he can give you a 30 minute presentation and example implementations into your project.

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