In this multi-part series, I’m going to attempt to outline how to setup – what I would describe as – the Ultimate GitLab Experience.

This guide is written with a few assumptions in mind.

  • Access to a custom domain and your DNS settings.
  • A wildcard SSL certificate (This is not required, but makes things infinitely easier)
  • The ability to follow linked documentation
    • Some things are better documented on the originating software sources site, for example I shouldnt need to explain how to install Docker.
  • Experience in the following
    • NGINX (Or Apache, though examples provided with be NGINX)
    • Docker
    • SSH/Command Line

GitLab is a fantastic piece of software, or rather, suite of software. Along with the basic git server and web UI, GitLab offers a plethora of other incredible tools to help you with your development process. Here I will outline how to get some of these setup, linked, and configured to provide the most powerful experience.