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Ken is a talented Android OS developer, with high flexibility, delivering before deadlines and paying attention to the details. He implemented for us various small and deep changes in the OS source code on multiple platforms and worked out a CI process on our cloud. We look forward to resolving other exciting challenges with him.

Beni Gal, NGi Systems

Ken will build anything you give him. He’ll do it quickly, on spec, on budget, and with care. We’re extremely pleased with his work product and look forward to working with him again in the future. I highly recommend Ken.

Michael Koenig, Lunar Labs

Ken maintained all of the Android projects at Lunar through several chaotic months. We started with a custom Android OS build and an Android app with carrier privileges, and ended with a simpler and more powerful Android app. Through a product pivot and several redesigns, Ken extended himself to get releases done at a breakneck pace. Applying his up-to-date knowledge of the platform, he rebuilt and upgraded our app with modern Android patterns while implementing the new designs he was provided and filling in gaps where necessary. The project ultimately succeeded with Ken’s contributions.

Andy Skelton, Lunar Labs

Ken is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all things Android. He keeps up with the latest technology, experiments to gain direct hands-on experience, and implements process to ensure code quality is maintained throughout a project. I’m happy to recommend Ken as a senior Android developer.